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'Letters From The Amazon' Audio Story Book Episode Five

Episode Five : Finding Miss Piggy

Listen to the latest episode of my free audio book 'Letters From The Amazon' based on my blog

In this latest instalment of Sal's exotic South American adventure, we find ourselves following the pages of her journal notes during her isolation in Ecuador's remote deepest darkest Amazon Rainforest for well over a month later.

Having been initially enchanted by the whirlwind of the jungles bewitching charm, she soon begins to feel the over whelming effects of 'jungle fever', the realism of wild seclusion in a foreign community and the occasional crippling pangs of alienation and looming loneliness....

Until one day, a curly tailed friend is about to turn her world upside down.....a piglet.

Armed with a $50 note and a new found spring in her step, Sal embarks on a road trip adventure with native ranger Sergio to the local jungle town of Tena in search of a little 'chanchita' as a new addition to the Jatun Sacha reserve. Failing to find one at the market, they begin tenaciously scouring the dusty back streets of Tena searching for clues - sending them in hot pursuit of 'Senor Rodriguez' to the neighbouring town of Cotundo in their quest of finding Miss Piggy....

Listen for free here


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'Letters From The Amazon' Audio Story Book Episode Six

Episode Six : Last Boat to Misahualli


“There's something about saying the word 'jungle' which immediately invites the thoughts of danger and intense curiosity: a secret Utopia which only the boldest of spirits will dare to venture into. So I decided to pack my bag, and go it alone…..well, sort of."

In the last instalment of Sal Bolton’s six part Amazonian adventure story, we follow Sal in her most boldest odyssey yet….deciding to pack her bag and curiously head into the oddities and untamed mystery of the jungle alone, adhering to the call of the wild on her first solo expedition to further explore Ecuador’s Amazonia.

Having safely left her tenacious - mannered new found piglet after a series of disappearing acts back at the reserve; she embarks on a very wet early morning venture to the nearby jungle villageport of Misahualli. After securing a ride on a motor canoe with her native driver Miguel, we are carried along on a journey, deeper into the sacred and mysterious heart of the rainforest and the fleeting river side life.

Upon reaching a remote area of the forest further up river, Sal meets quirky jungle tour guide and translator Elibar which she soon realises she may have got more than she bargained for when she discovers he doesn’t speak a word of English!

Together lost in translation and armed with machetes, the pair head into the unpredictable cocoon of the jungle on a whirlwind adventure; revealing the extraordinary secrets and sometimes unnerving surprises of the rainforest, meeting an indigenous shaman offering to spiritually ‘cleanse’ their souls and a playful game of tree vine swinging nearly going horribly wrong!

It is here the final curtain comes to a close as Sal’s exotic frontier comes to an end, bidding farewell to this magnificent and unforgettable special place on earth which has not only captured her imagination but a piece of her heart – echoing in the calm waters of Amazonia on the last boat back to Misahualli….

Listen to the final episode here...

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Release of my E-Book! The Show Must Go On

Being with an Australian Travelling Zoo


Hello World!

Today on this cold winter December day here in the UK is my birthday so.... I thought it might be an opportune time and occasion to say please BUY MY FIRST E-BOOK 'The Show Must Go On - Being with an Australian Travelling Zoo' which was just one of my many far-fetched experiences during my travels Down Under.

An adaptation of my story was first published overseas in German last year for travel book 'Australien wie wir es sehen' - so I've now brought you the uncut, full length English version for you to enjoy! will download from Amazon to all KINDLE DEVICES, IPAD AND IPHONES around the world.


'Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls! Welcome to tonight's show!'

Have you ever wondered what its like to run away with the circus?.....ok maybe not quite run away...but to delve into the rollercoaster world of fantasia, wonderment or just plain carnage in working with a travelling animal zoo in the rugged and unpredictable world of 'fair dinkum' 'too easy' and 'mate' - the Land Down Under?

Based on journal notes, memoirs and good old fashioned inspired storytelling, Sal Bolton pieces together and shares fragments of a travelogue story inspired by her unique experience as a 'pommie backpacker' working for a travelling Australian Petting Zoo - and all the trials and tribulations that accompany a colossal menagerie of hungry pigs, adventurous ducklings, a special dog named Skip and the scintillating circus acts under the neighbouring dazzling show of the big top - including sleeping next to the world's most deadliest snakes!

Sal shares a fascinating light hearted journey into the exclusive whimsical reality of an Australian carnival life and the characters she encounters in her fanciful world; the comedic antics and charisma of Aussie showman and performers alike as she learns of mystic tales of fairground days gone by, surviving daily life in the dynamic showground as a 'Pommie Sheila' and the moving heart ache that comes with show business and sacrifice.

An adaptation of 'The Show Must Go On - Being With An Australian Travelling Zoo' was first published in German for travel book 'Australien wie es sehen'. Now this full length English edition hopes to inspire other pioneering spirits to venture on their own wacky wanderings in the wonderful Land of Oz

Buy it here!

70% of the proceeds will go towards my International Relief trip to Cambodia! Thanks and Peace. Hope you like it.

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In My Footsteps - New Blog Platform!

Dear Subscribers,

Thank You for subscribing to my blog about my past adventures in Ecuador,

I have now moved on to create a universal travel blog entitled 'In My Footsteps' where you can read about my present and past travels and gt updates on my projects and overseas explorations.

Please check on over to In My Footsteps to subscribe to my new blog.

Thank You and Peace!

November 2017


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